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Crimson Feature of the Month: Export by Channel

When you export voter or donor records in Crimson, you can now download a file containing only the contact records that have the information you want.

Export by Channel, a new feature recently rolled out in Crimson, helps you prioritize the information that is downloaded after completing a People Search. By using Export by Channel, you can download contact records only containing:

  • Emails – Records with a valid form of email address

  • SMS – Records with mobile phone numbers

  • Phone – Records with home phone numbers

  • Direct Mail – Records with a complete mailing address

Here’s how to use the Export by Channel Feature: 1. Go to People Search and enter the search criteria that you need.

2. When the search results are displayed, you’ll see a more options button next to the blue Export button.

3. The window for advanced export options will appear. 4. Under this window, you can prioritize how each list will be exported: email, SMS, phone numbers, and direct mail. To change the order, hold and click on the  button. Then drag the channel left or right before letting it go. After each change in priority, all channels will automatically update the final counts of records to be exported. The Remaining section is for records that were not selected by any channel.

5. You also have the option to suppress specific Flags from being exported or completely exclude a particular channel.

• Suppression of flags: Click here to read the Crimson guide on how to suppress a flag, such as files marked with “DNM – Do Not Mail” from the export.

• Exclude Channels: If you want to remove a channel from your export, click on one of the blue buttons in the top right-hand corner.

6. Once you are done organizing your lists, you can click Export for each one. Please note, unique people records will not pull on more than one list.  So in the example above, if a record has an email address, it will pull on that list and not the subsequent lists for each channel following it.

7. You can also click Export Master List, to pull a full list of results from your People Search query.