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Check Out Crimson's Newest Features

Recently, we rolled out new features and improvements to Crimson to improve the performance of the platform. Read below for details on each enhancement, and contact us if you would like additional information.

Questions? Look for Tooltips

If you have questions about a feature or section of Crimson, look for the question mark icon. When you hover over it, a tooltip message will appear that explains what that item is with a link to the Crimson Helpdesk for additional information.

Search by Date of Birth

You can search for a donor or contact record by date of birth in People Search. This information can also be added under the General tab of an individual’s profile.

Run 1099 Reports

Need to generate IRS 1099 forms for campaign contractors? Crimson's new report #393 finds vendors that have been flagged for Form 1099.

New Upload Queue in CrimsonFiler

Occasionally, your browser can freeze when uploading a large file from CrimsonFiler to the FEC. The new Upload Queue feature sends a request to the FEC and then uploads your file in the background while you move onto your next project.

This new feature needs to be configured for each Crimson account or client, so please contact us if you would like the Upload Queue to be turned out. 

Add Multiple FEC Memo Text Pages

This new feature changes how FEC Memo Text pages are added to reports and allows you to add more than one text box into a single report.

The Text option now requires a Tran ID for each description entered into the text box. However, this does not have to be an existing Tran ID in the report. The miscellaneous text will still appear after the summary pages but before receipt details. Each text box will display as half of a page when the report is prepared.

Push Notifications – Coming Soon! 

Soon, you will have the option to turn on push notifications in CrimsonMobile that will send Task notifications to your smartphone as well as your Crimson account.

Once you download the app in either the iTunes App Store or Google Play, you’ll be able to turn this feature on under user settings. You will also be able to receive notifications via email. Go to My Account in Crimson to opt into this feature.