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New Crimson ID Tokens Make It Easier to Give Through WidgetMakr

Are you trying to convert your offline donors to online? Do you want to simplify your donation forms and make it easier for donors to give?

A new feature from Crimson and WidgetMakr helps streamline the online giving process for your donors.

Crimson now assigns an ID token to every contact record stored on the platform. This ID token, which is unique for every person, can be added to widgets as a URL parameter that will automatically fill in all of the fields in WidgetMakr with the data available in Crimson for that donor.

When your WidgetMakr widget is combined with the Crimson ID token, payment information is all your donors need to enter.

How do Crimson ID tokens work?

After exporting a file from People Search in Crimson, you’ll notice a new column – named IDToken – at the very end of your CSV file.

This ID token is similar to mail merge technology used in direct mail. When it is added to the donation link through a URL parameter, the token will pre-populate fields such as name, address and phone number.

The Crimson ID Tokens are a great way to take the data you have for your offline donors and apply it to online giving or encourage a recurring gift program.

Crimson ID Tokens + Spark Giving Matrix            

If you have giving history for donors saved in Crimson – and the Spark Giving Matrix is enabled on your widget – the widget will automatically customize giving levels for your donor when the Crimson ID token is added to the donation link. This means that you won’t be asking a small dollar for a $1,000 gift nor leave out donations by asking major donors for too little.

Want to learn more?

Read the new guide on Crimson ID tokens for help on using this feature in WidgetMakr. You can also visit our WidgetMakr blog for more information on how to use URL parameters.