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Crimson Feature of the Month: ID Tokens

ID tokens, one of Crimson’s latest features, associate a unique code with every donor in your Crimson database.  In WidgetMaker, the tokens can be added to widgets using URL parameters. The parameters serve to pre-populate sections of the donation form, such as name and address, based on the information in the donor’s Crimson record. This feature allows donors to make contributions more quickly and easily than ever!

If the Crimson donor record includes donation history and the Giving Matrix feature is enabled in the widget, WidgetMakr will also use this information to customize the suggested contribution levels for each donor. This feature helps campaigns optimize their fundraising efforts by asking for a contribution suitable for each donor.

Here’s how to use ID tokens:

How to Find an ID Token

1. Using the People Search feature in Crimson, enter your desired search criteria and click export. 

2. In the resulting CSV file, find the codes in last column, labeled “IdToken”.


To Associate an ID Token with a Widget

1. Open the widget you wish to use.

2. At the end of the URL, enter“?ct=” and then paste the ID token number you want to associate with the widget

3. The widget will automatically populate the fields for which data is available in Crimson

4. If the Giving Matrix is enabled in WidgetMakr and donor history data is available in Crimson, the suggested contribution levels will adjust based on the donor’s previous contributions.

ID Tokens for Mass Emails ID tokens can also be incorporated into mass fundraising emails. Your email service provider should have a format for inserting URL parameters or dynamic content inside of an email to customize the information for each recipient.

For more information, please see the user guide on setting up ID tokens