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New Improvements Made to Crimson Search Functions

Recently, several new Crimson improvements launched for customer support and search functions. Scroll down to learn more about these changes and how to use them. If you have questions, please contact the Crimson Support Team at [email protected] or 1-800-878-6837.

Get Help Inside of Crimson You no longer have to open the Crimson Helpdesk in order to launch a chat with customer support. Now, when you log into your dashboard, you will see a red tab on the bottom.

All you need to do is expand the tab, and enter your name, email and phone number to connect with the Crimson Support Team during business hours.

If you submit a chat outside of business hours, your chat will be submitted as a ticket, and the Crimson Support Team will follow up with you. The Crimson Support Team is available for chats from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Eastern on business days.

Find Organizations Faster in People Quick Search If you are hunting for an organization, the People Quick Search will now query your search to match the last name field. Since the names of many organizations are saved in the last name field, this should make your search must easier and faster.

FEC Lookup Expanded When looking for an FEC committee, the FEC Lookup function will now search in both the Name and ID fields. The committee name, FEC ID, and Last Report Coverage Date will populate in the results.

Suppress Flags Easier You no longer have to enter in frequently used suppression tags when running a search! Under the Suppression section of People Search, make sure the “Apply Channel Suppression Flags” button is toggled on.

If your channel suppression flags are already set up, this new button will include those flags with every search. If you have questions please see the Crimson FAQ on using mass flag suppression.