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Don’t Miss this Brand-New Crimson Webinar

cmdi | Tue May 24, 2022

Join the Crimson Support Team this month for a new webinar from CMDI!

In addition to the Crimson Overview webinar next Thursday, March 16 at 11 a.m., we will hold a special webinar at 2 p.m. highlighting the new CrimsonMarket and provide a tutorial on using Crimson ID Tokens to customize online fundraising appeals for your donors.

The CrimsonMarket is the first and only market place designed for Republicans by Republicans. Through the site, you can access vendors and services that your campaign, PAC, or committee needs.

Crimson ID Tokens act as an online “mail merge” for your online fundraising and can pre-populate forms with the donors’ name, address, and phone number. We regularly receive questions about this feature through the HelpDesk, so you won’t want to miss this session.

Crimson Overview Webinar at 11 a.m.

At 11 a.m., Sofia Amaya, the Director of Client Relations, will hold a Crimson Overview webinar. This session is great for new staff or anyone who needs a refresher on Crimson features.

This webinar will cover:

  • A general overview of features such as People Search, Data Entry, Reports and other frequently used functions

  • The newest features of Crimson such as the Recalculate Dashboard button and Merchant e-Solutions Reconciliation Reports

RSVP for the 11 a.m. Crimson Overview session.

CrimsonMarket & Crimson ID Tokens at 2 p.m.

Jack Simms, VP of Product Development will demonstrate the brand new CrimsonMarket. He will be joined by special guest, John Plishka from RevUp, a partner in the CrimsonMarket.

This webinar will cover:

  • What CrimsonMarket is, how it works and how it benefits your campaign or PAC

  • How partners like RevUp can maximize fundraising

  • How to use Crimson ID Tokens to pull data from your Crimson account and customize online fundraising emails for each of your existing donors and streamline the giving process

RSVP for the 2 p.m. CrimsonMarket/Crimson ID Tokens session.