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Watch Out When Filing FEC Reports

cmdi | Mon Jan 23, 2023

This Saturday is the next FEC deadline for quarterly filers. Earlier this week, the FEC notified vendors and consultants about a potential problem that filers might encounter.

Committees may experience issues with receiving a filing acknowledgment for this filing period. While your FEC report was successfully filed, you might not receive an immediate confirmation, and the status section in your CrimsonFiler report may not be properly updated.

The FEC has instructed that if this this issue occurs for you, please check the FEC’s website to confirm your report was uploaded and then wait for your confirmation email. If you’ve confirmed that your report was filed, but your status section in your CrimsonFiler report wasn’t updated, you can manually update those fields.

If you’ve uploaded your report, but you don’t see it on the FEC’s website or you haven’t received your confirmation email, please contact the FEC’s technical support at 202-694-1307.

If you have questions on how to update the status section in CrimsonFiler, please contact [email protected].