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The Latest Crimson Enhancements & Features

Have you noticed any changes in Crimson lately? In recent weeks, we rolled out a new deduping tool as well many feature enhancements to People Profiles, Events, Money Search and Treasury sections.

These new features also mark the start of our Product Updates section on the Crimson Helpdesk. Going forward, you will be able to track new features, enhancements, and changes through this section. Be sure to bookmark it!

New Deduping Feature!

Crimson’s latest new feature helps you identify possible duplicates under the Compliance section and clean them up in groups of 20 at a time. The deduping process is easier and quicker than ever before!

Once you click on the Possible Duplicates, you can review the list of the flagged records and either mark a Keep record for the merge or select Not A Duplicate if no merge is needed. After reviewing the list, click Process and the records you selected will be merged or removed.

For details on how to use this new feature, please read the Compliance Deduping Tool guide on the Crimson Helpdesk.

People Profile Updates

• Prioritize Flags & Keywords: Now, you can indicate Top Flags for the database within Flag Settings. The top flags will always display at the top of the flag’s menu while the remaining flags will be alphabetized.

The new Show More button, found on both the Flag and Keyword menus, will give you an in-depth view of the codes. These new menus will display all codes and descriptions details assigned to the profile, as well as all of the ones not assigned yet.

• Add Existing People Records as Contacts: When adding a Contact to a People Record, you can now search to see if that contact already exists as a People Record in your Crimson database. If it exists and is selected, you can auto-fill the Contact fields and create a Relationship Tree Link to that existing record’s profiles from the record it has been added to.

• Display Contact Information in Tasks: When working in Tasks, the donor’s name and PID will display as a link to their full profile. You can also click the new

button to display the primary phone and email contact information without having to exit the Task.

• View All Transactions in Profiles & Call Sheets: In an extended view from the Profile and Call Sheets, you can see all transactions associated to the record.

Events Menu Changes

Events Search: A new search feature allows you to search for events by fields including Event Code, Date, Address, Host, and Staff.

• Easier Events Exports: We made it easier to download information directly from the two following Event menu areas:

  • Download event information for multiple events from the main Event menu Search page, including event details such as Codes, Descriptions, Invitee counts, Outstanding Pledge Amounts, Total Amounts Received, as well as event location information.

  • Open an Event to review and export the invitee details. Email addresses are now included.

• Events Home Expanded: New columns were added to expand the information on the home page to include Amount Received, Outstanding Pledge, Total Number of Invitees, and Total Number of Donations. Previously, you had to open each event to see this information.

Expanded Money Search

You can now search by Flags, Keywords and Suppression under the Money Search.

Treasury Menu Enhancements

• Default Data Entry Settings: Update your Vendor Profile with new default field settings for Line Number, FEC Description, and GL Code to save time on Expenditures, Treasury Receipts, and Invoice data entry.

• Export Vital Transaction Data: New export options have been added to Expenditures, Treasury Receipts, and Invoices. These include Parent Expense ID, GL Codes and Descriptions, GL Code Amounts, Line Number Code and Description, Transaction Category, Transaction Code, Election, Election Year, and Other Election.