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Try These New Crimson Features

In anticipation of the 2018 election, Crimson will release new features and enhancements over the next few months. Today, we are excited to share news about four new features you can immediately use:

  • Gift Attachments – Upload and attach check images, donation forms, and other related documents to individual gifts or batches.

  • Data Entry Beta – Check out the new and improved Data Entry Beta, which makes adding batches of contributions easier than ever before.

  • Events Map It – Quickly visualize the locations of events across the country, your state, or your district from the Events section in Crimson.

  • People Search Map It – Generate a snapshot of where your donors and prospects are located with the ease of a single button under Crimson’s People Search.

Gift Attachments

This new feature makes reviewing gift details or viewing an entire batch of gift related images convenient for all departments. Now you can upload check images, donation forms, and other documents into Crimson and attach them to either a single gift or a batch. You can also upload multiple images to records if each image does not exceed 4 MB. All file types are allowed.

Data Entry (Beta)

We have remodeled Data Entry to help improve flow and speed by reducing the amount of clicks and updating the order of fields. Batch headers have new optional default codes and the donor search has been placed directly into the new receipt’s screen.

Data Entry (Beta) is accessible under the Import/Data Entry menu on the sidebar, but the original version is still available as well. We hope you enjoy Data Entry (Beta) and we welcome any client feedback you may have.

Events Map It

Use this new feature to visualize where in the country your events are located.

To generate a map of your events, open the Events section of Crimson and then click on the blue Map It button at the bottom of your screen. The first 500 events will display by default or use the Filter option to narrow down your results. Click on a blue place marker for details on a specific event or zoom into an area to see clusters of events.

People Search Map It

With the People Search Map It feature you can easily display the locations of your donors and prospects on a map, gather insights on all database records, see a snapshot of major areas of your campaign’s presence, and discover what areas need additional cultivation.

To use this feature, go to People Search and enter the criteria you wish to find. Once your results are populated, click on the blue Map It button at the bottom of the screen to create the map. The first 500 records will display on a map.  From there, click on the blue place markers to see an overview of data about each person including name, contact information, last gift, and last gift date.