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New Features Webinar on Sept. 20

cmdi | Mon Jan 23, 2023

Clear your calendar for next Wednesday. The Crimson Support Team will host a webinar covering the new Crimson features we announced this week.

RSVP for the Crimson New Features webinar on September 20. Two sessions will be offered at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. EDT.

During both sessions, the Crimson Support Team will explain:

  • Gift Attachments – how to upload and attach check images, donation forms, and other related documents to individual gifts or batches.

  • Data Entry (Beta) – how to use the new version of Data Entry (Beta), which makes adding batches of contributions easier than ever before.

  • Events Map It – how to create a map that displays the locations of events across the country, your state, or your district based on information from the Events section in Crimson.

  • People Search Map It – how to generate a snapshot of where your donors and prospects are located with the ease of a single button under Crimson’s People Search.

RSVP for the webinars today.