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How Conservatives Donate to Nonprofits

How do nonprofit donors around the world stack up? The 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report, a new report on donors around the world, has the numbers and findings on the habits of donors and what they want from nonprofits.

The survey split participants into liberal, moderate and conservative segments with 12.5% identifying as conservative. While conservatives were a minority of the survey, there were helpful findings.

How Conservatives Donate:

What do conservatives support?

  • 29% Religious services & faith

  • 15% Children & youth

  • 11% Human services

How do they prefer to give?

  • 55% Online

  • 22% Direct Mail

  • 15% Fundraising events

What inspired them to give?

  • 33% Fundraising events

  • 20% Email

  • 18% Social media

What other behaviors do conservatives display when donating to nonprofits?

  • 59% participate in a sustaining donor program, such as monthly giving.

  • 45% have attended a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign within the last 12 months such as GoFundMe or Kickstarter.

  • 59% regularly attend fundraising events.

  • 65% volunteer.

  • 42% donate to a nonprofit outside of North America.

Overall findings from the survey:

Liberals and conservatives support kids. The one trend that both liberal and conservative donors shared was supporting children & youth causes. It was the most popular cause to support with 13% of respondents saying they had donated to a youth-oriented nonprofit in the past 12 months.

Domain names matter.

  • 72% of donors are more likely to trust a nonprofit website with a .org extension.

  • Donors are least likely to trust a nonprofit website with .net (30%), .com (29%) and country code extensions.

Donors volunteer.

  • 66% of overall respondents said they had volunteered with a nonprofit in the last 12 months.

  • 85% also donated financially to the nonprofit where they volunteered.

Who participated in the survey? Among the 4,541 survey respondents, 47.1% were from America and 73% were female. However, the survey participants were overwhelmingly partisan with 62% identifying as liberal or very liberal and only 12.5% identifying as conservatives. The breakdown of ages was more evenly spread with Boomers accounting for 37%, Gen X for 30% and Millennials for 26%.