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Check Out the Advisory Opinions Podcast

Want to keep up with the latest news for campaign, compliance and fundraising professionals? Pull up your favorite podcast service and subscribe to CMDI's new podcast, Advisory Opinions. It's a show for Republican campaign professionals by campaign professionals.

Advisory Opinions isn't like the other punditry shows stacking up in your queue. Each episode is short — under 25 minutes — and focused on what you need to know in the middle of a busy election cycle. While the hosts might discuss current events or breaking news, they only cover it if campaigns, fundraising, or compliance staff need to know about the issue.

The goal of Advisory Opinions is to discuss the best practices and tips needed to make your life easier. The podcast is hosted by Jack Blakely, sales manager of CMDI, and Adrienne Royer, digital communications strategist for CMDI. Both Jack and Adrienne have worked on political campaigns and advocacy organizations, so they know what really matters during a non-stop election cycle. They are also regularly joined by colleagues and co-workers, who are experts in fundraising and compliance issues and have spent time on the campaign trail.

Find Advisory Opinions on iTunes, Google Play, and Tunein and subscribe to stay up-to-date with new episodes every Monday.