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Crimson 3 Is Here.

Crimson 3 Is Here.

New Features. New Dashboards. New Search. Same Data and Reliability.

This week, CMDI launched a completely redesigned and enhanced version of our best-selling political CRM used by Republicans across the country. Crimson 3 builds on the same features that you've come to depend on since we launched the original Crimson in 2008 and adds a fresh user interface, redesigned dashboards, and expanded functionality that makes your job easier.

If you are a current Crimson user, you can now access the new version through a link sent to your email address. If you have not received an invitation to try Crimson 3 beta, please contact the Crimson Support Team at 1-800-878-6837 or [email protected].

Need help?

We know you have questions, so we put together a page of Crimson 3 FAQs. The Crimson Helpdesk is also updated with a new section for Crimson 3 Guides, FAQs, and a video tour.

We also know you are worried about being able to use Crimson 2 in the busy weeks before a mid-term election. Because both versions of Crimson pull your account information from the same database, you can go back and forth as you make the transition. Please remember that changes made in Crimson 3 will also be reflected in Crimson 2!

Start using Crimson 3 as soon as possible. Crimson 2 will not be available after February 1, 2019.

New Event Section & Dashboard.

Crimson 3 includes a new section for events, which makes it easier to manage event planning, track invitations and donations, and follow up with pledges.

  • Improved event functionality. The new Crimson adds improved invitee management, payment options, and event briefings for your candidate or VIPs.

  • Better event tracking. It’s easier than ever before to link event codes with source codes.

  • New check-in feature. With the new version, you can now check in guests at events.

Powerful Search.

In Crimson 3, you can save custom searches for regular queries or access a recent search. The new Crimson 3 also adds Quick Searches for Data Entry, Events, Money, People, Bundler, and other sections.

  • Expanded Search. The new Crimson includes the option to access both recent searches and saved searches to customize regular queries.

  • New types of Quick Searches. Crimson 3 adds searches functionality for data entry, events, money, invoices, payment requests, receipts, payees, bundler, and people.

  • New search fields. Now, you can search new fields, such as informal name, lobbyist, age, birthday month, last FEC report, cash on hand based on FEC reports, conduit numbers, phone numbers, top flags, all flags, all keywords, and inactive recurring donations.

Redesigned Profile.

A completely redesigned profile includes more details and summaries to help you track important details for the people and organizations in your database.

  • Customized profiles by record type. New profile features are developed for individuals, partnerships, joint fundraising committees, multi-candidate PACs, state and local parties, national party committees, candidate committees, non-federal committees, and more.

  • New Profile features. The new Crimson profile includes linked spouse giving summaries, improved History details and navigation, new panel lists’ features, visible keywords and flags, easier access to related tools and settings, and a new map search for locations.

Enhanced Security, Navigation & Speed.

Campaigns need to move fast and trust that their data is secure. Crimson 3 is designed to be responsive for whatever device you are using, load faster, and get around easier.

  • More secure. Keeping your campaign secure is critical. Newly incorporated two-factor authentication secures your sign in experience and prevents unauthorized access.

  • Faster. The new Crimson is optimized for mobile devices to load faster and designed to responsively fit whatever device you are using.

  • Easier Navigation. New Dashboard Action buttons are available at the top of every page, and now you can access all functionalities by task or module type.