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Crimson 3 Training Opportunities

cmdi | Mon Jan 23, 2023

We’re excited to launch a completely redesigned and enhanced version of Crimson that combines the same features and functionality that you’ve come to trust with a new user interface, updated dashboards, expanded search, and added functionality.

If you are currently a Crimson user, we encourage you to log into the new version and take a look around. You probably have questions, so here are two resources to help you make the transition from Crimson 2 to Crimson 3.

Crimson 3 Overview Training

Throughout the month of October, the Crimson Support Team will hold a training session every Wednesday at 2 p.m. EDT. The hour-long sessions will demonstrate the new features and functions of Crimson 3 as well as updates to existing components. There will also be time for questions and answers each week.

The first Crimson 3 training will be held on Wednesday, October 10. Can't make the training tomorrow? You can also RSVP for other dates:

Crimson 3 FAQs

If you have questions about how long Crimson 2 will be available or why you need to enter your cell phone number to log into Crimson 3, check out our Crimson 3 FAQs .