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Crimson 2: Not Accessible After February 9

cmdi | Mon Feb 06, 2023

In October, we invited you to participate in our beta for Crimson 3 at, a brand-new version of the Crimson platform with new features, new dashboards, expanded searches and an expanded section for events. Because both versions of Crimson store your data in the same database, Crimson 2 and Crimson 3 have been accessible for the past few months.

Starting February 9, only Crimson 3 will be available.

Over the next three weeks, we encourage you to start using the new version and participate in one of our training sessions.

Please note that all you need to do is click here to sign into Crimson 3 to start using the new version. Your data is the same in Crimson 2 and 3, so any changes you make will be reflected in both versions.

What you need to do before February 9: 

  1. Click here to sign into Crimson 3.

  2. RSVP for the next Crimson 3 training below or watch the Crimson 3 overview video on the Helpdesk.

Upcoming Crimson 3 Webinars: 

January 21 – February 9

February 11 – 16


If you have questions about Crimson 3, please refer to our Crimson 3 FAQs page or the Crimson 3 section of the Helpdesk.  You can also reach out to the Crimson Support Team at 1-800-878-6837 or email us at [email protected].