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Close Out the 2nd Quarter Easier with 2 New Crimson Tools

We're only a few days away from the end of the second quarter and a quickly-approaching FEC deadline. CMDI recently rolled out two new features that will help your team during the crunch time – the Press Release Report and the JFC Vetting Tool.

Press Release Report

The Press Release Report takes your final numbers filed with the FEC and condenses them into a CSV that can be quickly sent to your communications staff. For detailed directions on how to use the Press Release Report, please see our previous Feature of the Month post.

To run this report, click on the Reports icon in the top right corner of your Crimson dashboard and search for “Press Release Report.” Once you enter your criteria, you will see the results and can export them into a CSV. The report includes these fields:

  • Number of gifts

  • Number of donors

  • Number of first-time donors

  • Number of gifts under $100

  • Number of gifts under $200

  • Average gift size

  • Gifts from the state and congressional district

JFC Vetting Tool

As the use of Joint Fundraising Committees grow in popularity, compliance staff face an increasing burden to ensure that these donations aren't excessive. Since lists of these donations are usually provided at the last minute, it can be a challenge to review them. The JFC Vetting Tool uses Crimson’s import matching logic to see if a donor already exists in your database and how much the donor has given to a specific fund code.

For directions on how to use the JFC Vetting Tool, click here to see the previous Feature of the Month post.

Please note that the JFC Vetting Tool relies on the Crimson import matching logic, which depends on maintaining a clean and deduped database. If a donor exists in your database with information that does not match what is included in the JFC file, Crimson will not find a match. This feature is designed to supplement – not replace – manual vetting of JFC donations.