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Crimson Feature of the Month: Payment Requests – Treasury

The Payment Requests tools in Crimson contains two sides – My Payment Requests and Treasury. The My Payment Requests tools enables Crimson users to submit requests for expense reports, vendor payments, donation refunds and contribution requests. This part was covered in Crimson Feature of the Month: My Payment Requests.

The Treasury feature, which is explained below, allows the finance or treasury teams to respond and manage these requests within the Crimson platform with options to Approve, Pay, or Reject a Payment Request.

You can also watch a new video tutorial on how to use both Payment Requests-Treasury and My Payment Requests and at the Crimson Helpdesk.

How to Use Payment Requests – Treasury

1. From the Crimson dashboard, click on Financial Summary in the main menu.

2. Click on the Payment Approval button to review Payment Requests.

Note: Your account must be enabled to access this feature. Please contact the Crimson Support Team if you have questions.

3. A list of submitted Payment Requests will be displayed.

1. Use the Quick Payment Request Search bar to look up a Payment Request by keyword, such as payee name or status.

2. Click on the

icon to adjust which columns are displayed in the Payment Request Search results.

3. Click on a column name to sort the results by that category.

4. Click on

the to open an individual Payment Request.

5. Click on the

button to download a CSV of the Payment Requests.

How to Review Payment Requests

1. From the Payment Request Search page, click on

to open a Payment Request. Once you open the submission, the request will change from Submitted to Under Review.

2. Edit the information under the Treasury column for FEC reporting. You will also be able to review any attachments or details included under the Ultimate Vendor section.

Note: the person submitting the request will not be able to review or edit it with the Payment Request – Treasury tools. A different Crimson user will have to review it.

3. Click


4. Complete the request by selecting one of these three actions:

  • Approved-Invoice: approve the Payment Request with this button if you need to create an invoice for the payment.

  • Approved-Quick Pay: approve the Payment Request with this button if you want to immediately issue a payment for the request.

  • Reject: if you need to deny the Payment Request, select this option.

Note: Once a Payment Request has been approved with either the Invoice or Quick Pay option, it can no longer be edited from the Payment Request tool. New records in Crimson will have either been created for a disbursement or an invoice. Changes can be made to those records if their status allows it.


1. To create a new invoice for payment of the request, select this option.

2. After completing the fields for FEC reports under the Treasury column, click


3. Click

. When the confirmation message appears, click “Yes.”

4. An Invoice record will be created automatically. You can either complete these additional fields and click

or click the

button to return to the Payment Request.

5. The Invoice record will be saved with the other Accounts Payable invoices in the Pay Invoice area for review and payment upon a future date.

Approved-Quick Pay

1. To automatically create a Expenditure record for the request, click

. Select “Yes” when asked to confirm. A “QuickPay Successful” confirmation message will appear.

2. An Expenditure will automatically be created. Once the Disbursement is created, you can Edit it (e.g. add General Ledger details).

3. The

button will also work once the Expenditure is created.

4. The approved Payment Request will now be viewable under the Expenditures menu of Crimson.

Reject a Payment Request

1. Before clicking on the Reject button, the Crimson Support Staff recommends adding a Comment with an explanation for the rejection.

2. Click


3. The buttons in the lower left-hand corner will appear. Click on

. A confirmation message will appear asking, “Are you sure to reject this payment request?” Click “Yes.” A green confirmation ribbon will appear that the Payment Request was rejected.

4. Once clicked, the Payment Request will automatically change status from Under Review to Rejected. The submitter will see this change in their My Payment Requests and will receive a notification.

5. The submitter will then be able to Edit and resubmit the Payment Request.

Donor Refunds

When a Payment Request is approved and paid for a donor refund, a Refund or Partial Refund adjustment is automatically processed for that Contribution. If the Contribution has an Exception Code of U1 – Refund Requested, it will be changed automatically to U2 – Refund Issued.