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Coming Soon: New Crimson Features

Starting next week, you’ll notice four new features in Crimson that make the campaign trail a little easier. Normally, we wait until after an election to release new additions to Crimson, but these features are too valuable to wait. Next week, we’ll roll out these new features for all Crimson clients:

  • Actions to track individual-level activities with your organizations

  • Attributes to improve descriptions and roles of stakeholders

  • Email integration with MailChimp and Constant Contact

  • Moves Management for tracking prospective and major donors through the giving cycle

The Crimson Support Team will be hosting two webinars  that will cover how to use these new features. Since Moves Management involves a new dashboard, we hope that all fundraisers will register for one of the two upcoming sessions:

New Crimson Features

Moves Management

Now, you can visually track the entire giving cycle of prospects and major donors in Crimson. Starting with discovery and cultivation through the donation of a major gift, Moves Management helps organizations keep track of how they are reaching prospective donors. This feature tracks communications, upcoming deadlines, the most recent contribution and other tasks associated with the donor in a single dashboard accessible to enabled staff.


Included under People Profiles, Actions allow organizations to track individual-level activities between constituents and organizations, such as recording hours spent phone banking or door knocking.


These customizable codes, located with Flags and Keywords in People Profiles, help organizations provide better ways to describe and categorize donors and stakeholders. This new feature identifies roles such as volunteer, sponsor, press, and can be edited and created to fit unique roles in your organization. A new set of Attribute filters have been added to People Search to enable a way to search by this new feature.

Email Integration

One of the most requested features was a way to connect email platforms with Crimson. We built an integration to authorize Crimson to push a list of email subscribers to either Constant Contact or MailChimp using the robust People Search segmentation filters available.