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New Year. New Election Cycle. New Crimson Features.

Have you ever wanted to re-arrange the home dashboard on Crimson or customize People Profiles to fit the needs of your organization? Crimson recently rolled out new customization options along with a several other new features to kick off the 2021 calendar year. These features include:

In case you missed the announcement, all the new features will be demonstrated this Thursday at 2 p.m. during the Crimson New Features webinar.

New Crimson Features:

Customizable Home Dashboard & People Profile

Individual users can now customize the Crimson home dashboard and People Profiles by clicking on the settings button at the bottom of both pages. When you hover over each card or graph, you can either drag-and-drop each element into a new location or delete them entirely. Once the page is arranged, click on the blue checkmark button to save.

Mass Adjustment Tool

Need to update more than one transaction to reflect a refund or chargeback? Are you working to meet an FEC deadline? This feature will be a big time saver for you. After uploading a CSV of adjustments to be made, Crimson will identify which records were matched and updated as well as list the records that were not found. The Mass Adjustment Tool will also prevent adjustments from accidentally being made multiple times.

Aggregation Tools for People and Money Searches

If you’ve ever wanted to see the total sum from a People or Money Search, this new tool will prevent you from having to download a CSV and manually add the data. After selecting your filters and clicking on Run, a box will appear with the Total, Live Gifts Total, and Soft Credit Totals from the search.You will now also be able to aggregate your results by specific fields, like by People Type or Fund Code.

Profile Timeline

There’s a new timeline box next to the photo and contact information on People Profiles. This feature provides an at-a-glance donor history including Gifts, Pledges, Events, Notes, Tasks, and Actions. Crimson users can also quickly add an item to the Timeline by selecting one of the options in the drop-down menu.

Reverse Address Lookup Tool

Have you ever wanted to verify if an address was correct? The Reverse Address Lookup automatically connects with the White Pages to identify if the address in a People Profile is correct and identify additional important contact information. This tool also helps when you are missing a donor’s full last name.