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Crimson Training Opportunities in February

cmdi | Mon Jan 23, 2023

Now that the deadline for Year-end FEC reports is over, schedule some time this month to learn about the new features we recently rolled out. On February 24, the Crimson Support Team will host two webinars, Crimson Overview at 11 a.m. EST and Crimson New Features at 2 p.m. EST. Once you click on a link to register, we'll send you information on how to join the session.

The Crimson New Features webinar will debut several new tools and enhancements that are rolling out. These features are likely to make a big difference in your Crimson platform experience:

  • Customizable Home Dashboard and People Profiles

  • Mass Adjustments for Refunds

  • Aggregation Tools for People and Money Searches

  • Profile Timeline

  • Reverse Address Look-up

  • Totals in Money Searches

Crimson Overview at 11 a.m. EST

Learn the basics of Crimson's functionality during this webinar. Participants will learn about Crimson's interactive dashboards, search options, custom reports and everything you need to know to maximize your Crimson experience.

Crimson New Features at 2 p.m. EST

If you have ever wanted to customize what appears on your home dashboard or wished to see the total of a money search without exporting a CSV, you won’t want to miss the next Crimson Overview webinar at 2 p.m.  In addition to demonstrating the new features, the Crimson Overview will cover