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Crimson Feature of the Month: Use Email Scheduler to Suppress Maxed Out Digital Donors

With more and more money being raised online, it is important to ensure that you stop soliciting donors who have given the legal limit to your committee. Crimson’s new Email Scheduler can help you automate this process by delivering scheduled reports of donors who have recently maxed out to the campaign. This report can then be provided to the digital team to be suppressed from future solicitations. Here’s how to set this up:

Create the Saved Search

In order to create a regularly-scheduled email report, you must set up the Saved Search to pull a list of maxed-out donors. If this already exists, you can skip to the next section.

1. Go to People Search. We recommend these filters for a max out suppression list updated on a weekly basis:

2. Under the Filter Tab, click on Giving Aggregate.

3. We recommend these filters for a max out suppression list updated on a weekly basis:

  • Agg: Fund Code—Select the Fund Codes for the current election cycle.Note: If the limits are YTD instead of CTD, you will need to add a filter.

  • Agg: Gift Date—Select This Year. For Congressional campaigns, select P2022 and G2022.Note: This will need to be changed to just G2022 after the primary.

  • Agg: Cumulative $—Select Greater than/Equal to with the contribution limit for your campaign. For example, a congressional campaign should enter $5,800 or $2,900 if the primary has passed.

4. Under the Contact tab, scroll to the Email filter and select “Is Not Empty.”Note: If creating a list for SMS donors, select the Cell Phone filter instead of Email.

5. Click on the Output Fields tab to check which fields will be exported.

6. Click on the button. The search results will appear on screen.

7. Select the button to save the search criteria. (For more information on saving searches, see the Crimson 3: New Search Features guide.)

8. Enter a name for your search and hit again.

Schedule Your Saved Search

1. Go back or open the People Search. At the bottom of the page, click on .

2. Find the saved search you would like to schedule to be emailed.

3. Click .

4. Scheduling options for your search will appear:

  • Start: select the date and time you want the emails to begin.

  • Runs Every: select your preferred option—Day, 2 Days, Week, 2 Weeks, 30 Days, Custom. The custom option allows you to select every X number of days the report will run.

Note: The report will run on the days selected at the time you selected for the start.

5. Click .