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New Feature: Crimson Mailbox Service

cmdi | Mon Jan 23, 2023

Crimson has a new way to help store and centralize all the messages that you send to supporters and donors.

The Crimson Mailbox Service allows you to forward emails and information directly from your inbox to connect with individual People Records. With it, you can track the interaction your staff has with supporters, file all the email and mail appeals someone receives, and append notes and information to a profile via email.

About the Crimson Mailbox Service

How do you send an email to Crimson Mailbox?

From your email program, such as Outlook or Gmail, add [email protected] to the BCC line. Note, it won’t work unless added to the BCC line.

Where do you find Crimson Mailbox?

Crimson Mailbox is located under “My Account” in the top navigation of Crimson.

How do you know if it worked?

If the email matched a Crimson user on your account and the email address for the contact receiving it, the message should appear. You will also get a notification from Crimson that you have a message in the Mailbox with a link to access the details.

How does Crimson Mailbox work?

The latest Feature of the Month explains how the matching logic is set up.

Where can I get more information on how to use Crimson Mailbox?

The Feature of the Month has detailed directions on how to use it. You can also check the Crimson Helpdesk or email  [email protected] with questions.