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Crimson Feature of the Month: Using Email Scheduler to Track 48-Hour Contributions

With the start of the 2022 primary season on March 1 in Texas, federal campaigns throughout the U.S. must file 48-Hour Notices for donations over $1,000 between 20 days and 48 hours before a primary or general election. Email Scheduler, a new Crimson search feature, can alert you via a daily email when new reportable donations are entered into Crimson.

How to Set up the Money Search to Find Donations That May Require a 48-Hour Notice

1. From the Fundraising Dashboard, click on the Money Search icon in the top navigation.

2. Under the Gifts Filter Group, set up the following filters:

On the Entry Date filter, and click on “Yesterday,” in the drop-down menu.

On the “Gift Amount,” filter, click on “Greater than/Equal to” in the drop-down menu and enter “1000.00.”

3. Set your preferred Output Fields.

4. Click on the button to see current results.

5. Click the button save your search criteria.

6. Name the saved search and click again.

7. Click on the button. Your search should appear.

8. Click on .

9. Enter the start date and time you want the emails to begin. Then select “Day” in the “Runs Every” drop-down menu.

10. Click when done.

Note: Once started, this search will automatically run every day and flag donations over $1,000 that may need 48-Hour Notices. You’ll want to disable this scheduled email after the reporting window has passed. For help completing 48 hour reports, see the Helpdesk guide or the Feature of the Month post on How to File a 48-Hour Notice.