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New CrimsonFiler Feature Schedules When FEC Reports Start to Upload

cmdi | Mon Jan 23, 2023

New Feature CrimsonFiler Scheduled Load 600x314-1

Have you ever finished your filing early but didn’t want to upload the completed report until the deadline? Are you tired of working past close of business to submit reports?

The new CrimsonFiler FEC Report Scheduler allows you to specify when you want your FEC report to start uploading. This new feature works with any report filed from CrimsonFiler, including Form24.

The FEC Report Scheduler is easy to use. Once you’ve completed and generated your report with CrimsonFiler, go to Step 3: File on the left.

You will see the option to Schedule. Once you click on it, drop-down options will appear with options to schedule the date and time for your report to be uploaded. Remember that these are set to Eastern Standard Time. Click Schedule Now to finish.

If you need additional directions to use this new feature, check out the new guide on the Crimson Helpdesk. If you have additional questions, please contact the Crimson Support Team at [email protected].