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Crimson Feature of the Month: How to Use Mass Append

Have you ever needed to add a keyword or event details to a large number of records in your database? The Mass Append tool in Crimson was designed for this purpose. Through this feature, Crimson users can add or update flags, keywords, notes, tasks, and events in bulk to their People Search result records.

How to Use Mass Append

1. To get started with Mass Append, first open the People Search in the Quick Nav bar at the top of your screen.

QuickNav PeopleSearch

2. Enter the People Search criteria that you need and click .

Mass Append: Search Filter

3. Results will display on the screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the button and click on Mass Append.


4. The Mass Append Tool will appear with tabs available to update Flags, Keywords, Attributes, Notes, Tasks, and Events.

MassAppendTool 600

5. Once a Mass Append has been completed, a confirmation will appear on the screen.

Note: If more than 500 records are being appended, Crimson will queue the request. You’ll receive a notification in your Crimson Inbox (located at the top right corner of Crimson) once the append is completed.

Mass Append Options:

Flags, Keywords & Attributes

To mass append Flags, Keywords or Attributes to your People Search results, start typing the code you’d like to add in the selection box. A drop-down of existing Flags, Keywords, or Attributes will appear. Select the ones you want to add and click Submit.

MassAppend Flag 600

The Mass Append Tool will only add existing Flags, Keywords, and Attributes to your intended records. In order to create a new one, you will need to refer to these Crimson Helpdesk guides on creating:


Select the existing Event from the drop-down and the Status each record should be assigned (e.g. invited). You can enter additional info such as RSVP date and table #. Then click Submit.

To create a new Event, please see the Helpdesk guide.

MassAppendEvents 600


Start by assigning the Subject. Then select the Type of task, the Purpose, the Priority, who the task is Scheduled For, who it was Scheduled By, the Due On date, and then the date the task was Assigned On. You can add an optional Note to the task and then click Submit.