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2023 FEC Deadlines

Adrienne | Mon Jan 23, 2023

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While 2023 is an off-year for elections, the Federal Election Commission still requires committees and PACs to file regular reports. The next deadline will be on Tuesday, January 31 for 2022 Year-End Reports.

The FEC has three different schedules for filers — monthly, quarterly and semi-annually — that depend on the committee type:

  • House and Senate campaign committees: quarterly

  • Presidential campaign committees: quarterly

  • National party committees: monthly

  • State, district & local party committees: semi-annual or monthly

  • PACs: semi-annual or monthly

Committees that have different options can change their filing frequency one time each year by notifying the FEC in writing.

Download one of CMDI's helpful one-pagers listing the dates for the end of each period and the filing deadline.