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Individual who donates their time to perform tasks in service to a political organization or nonprofit.

Voter Drive Activity

Voter identification, voter registration and get-out-the-vote-drives, or any other activities that urge the general public to register or vote, or that promote or oppose a political party, without promoting any federal or nonfederal candidate, that do not qualify as federal election activity. This is a category of allocable activity for mixed federal/nonfederal party activity sometimes also referred to as a “generic voter drive.”

Voter Identification

With regard to federal election activity, this means acquiring information about potential voters, including, but not limited to, obtaining voter lists and creating or enhancing voter lists by verifying or adding information about the voters’ likelihood of voting in an upcoming election or voting for specific candidates.

Voter Registration Activity

In regard to federal election activity, voter registration activity encompasses all means of contacting potential voters to assist, encourage or urge them to register to vote. This activity includes, but is not limited to:

  • Encouraging or urging potential voters to register to vote, whether by mail (including direct mail), email, in person, by telephone (including pre-recorded telephone calls, phone banks and messaging such as SMS and MMS), or by any other means;
  • Preparing and distributing information about registration and voting;
  • Distributing voter registration forms or instructions to potential voters;
  • Answering questions about how to complete or file a voter registration form, or assisting potential voters in completing or filing such forms;
  • Submitting or delivering a completed voter registration form on behalf of a potential voter;
  • Offering or arranging to transport, or actually transporting potential voters to a board of elections or county clerk’s office for them to fill out voter registration forms; or
  • Any other activity that assists potential voters to register to vote.

Voter Turnout

The percentage of citizens who vote in an election.

Voting Behavior

A term used to describe the motives and factors that shape voters’ choices.