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Since filing the first electronic FEC report for the 1996 Dole campaign, CMDI has helped clients file more than 91,000 FEC reports. Known as the respected compliance experts for Republicans, we released CrimsonFiler in 2013, and it remains the premiere compliance software in the political sector.

Compliance Options that Fit

FEC regulations can be confusing and frequently differ from standard accounting practices. As industry leaders, CMDI knows the importance of clarity, directness, and efficiency for federal campaign filing.

Whether new to FEC report filing or a compliance expert, CMDI has filing options perfectly suited for your Republican committee.

Manage State Compliance

For state level filings, Crimson generates the data you need to file your reports. Currently Crimson is integrated with a handful of major Republican state election committees. Contact us at [email protected] to learn if Crimson works with your state election committee.


Simplify the Compliance Process

Through CrimsonFiler, seamlessly import your data from Crimson or another accounting product, file a report or amendment, or toggle between multiple reports at the same time to update. Powerful and easy-to-use tools facilitate exception coding, gift splitting, re-attributions, redesignations, and more. Crimson also identifies donor records needing “Best Efforts” follow-up and makes that process work smoothly.

CMDI's Compliance Process

To optimize our client’s compliance assurance, our team rigorously conducts the following process:

Screening & Data Entry

  1. Opening, screening, coding, batching, scanning and deposit of check contributions
  2. Processing of credit card and cash contributions
  3. Data entry and scanning of donor and contribution information into Crimson
  4. Screening for contributions requiring Best Efforts
  5. Screening for potential exception gifts (unacceptable gifts), which include:
  • Corporate checks
  • Over limit donors
  • Special situation correspondence for partnerships, LLCs, PACs and other organizations
  • Missing information
  • Declined transactions
  • Foreign nationals
  • All other potential exceptions as specified by the FEC

Best Efforts

  1. Batching of exception contributions and contributions requiring Best Effort communications.
  2. Creation and delivery of exception and Best Effort correspondence, as required by current FEC regulations, to donors.
  3. Tracking and monitoring status for exception and Best Effort correspondence.

Processing & Recording Transactions

  • Processing of reattributions and redesigna
  • Processing special situation correspondence for partnerships, LLCs, PACs and other organizations
  • Preparation of refund request lists
  • Recording of refund, debit and chargeback adjustments
  • Recording of in-kind contributions
  • Donor contribution issue research

Data Clean-up & Account Reconciliation

  • Automated and manual data hygiene processing of donor data to validate contact data and the merging of identifiable duplicate records
  • Reconciling contribution revenue data to bank and merchant statements in preparation for FEC reporting

FEC Report Preparation

  • Preparation and filing of required FEC reports including amendment reports
  • Coordination and consultation with Treasury staff, senior advisors and legal counsel