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FEC and state compliance rules are complicated, and filing can be intimidating. CrimsonFiler streamlines reporting to the FEC by seamlessly importing data from Crimson or accounting programs and guiding users through the preparation and filing process, so users know their reports are prepared and filed accurately.

Step 1: Prepare

CrimsonFiler guides you through plain-English question and generates the right report for you in the correct format for your filing period.

Step 2: Generate

Import your receipts and expenditures with the single click of a button and build your report.

Step 3: File

CrimsonFiler checks your work, generates your report, and files it with the FEC all in one swift move.

Customize Controls for Your Campaign

  • Customize cycle dates by applying dates on a report-by-report basis, rather than for the entire committee.
  • Tailor the view of your expenditure line numbers.
  • Itemize based on the needs of your committee.
  • Adjust which line number itemizes based on aggregates and which line itemizes regardless of the aggregate.

Multi-task Between Unfiled Reports

Work on more than one report at a time. CrimsonFiler provides you with the option of saving one report and jumping to another. All unfiled reports are easily retrieved from your Unfiled Report folder.

Also take snapshots of any filing period and make changes without disrupting the quality of your reports.


Unrivaled Expertise & Campaign Support

CMDI is known as the compliance experts for Republicans. As industry leaders, we understand the importance of clarity, directness, and efficiency for federal campaign filing. Our compliance department offers support for committee and campaign staff when preparing data so that FEC reports are clean and accurate.

Our seasoned staff has dealt with many intricate and unusual situations that complicate the reporting process and bring this experience to each campaign. Between CrimsonFiler and our compliance services, we have helped clients file more than 91,000 FEC reports since 1996.

Contact us for more information about compliance support.

Automatically Calculate Reports & Verify Your Work

Enjoy the freedom to auto-recalculate your reports after each change or do it manually. CrimsonFiler also automatically checks and validates your entries to identify errors before it’s too late.


Use Across Devices

Your work shouldn’t depend on where you are and which device you’re using. With CrimsonFiler’s responsive design, you can log in and get to work on any device — desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Sync Between Crimson & CrimsonFiler

With the single click of a button, you can import your receipts and expenditures from Crimson into CrimsonFiler. You can also push all edits you make in CrimsonFiler into Crimson, so you never have to worry about your filing data matching your committee donor database of record.

You can even import your data by schedule. Miss an entry or see a mistake? No problem! You can append, replace or cancel any item.