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Crimson Fundraising Features

TRACK EVERY Opportunity

Through the Crimson Fundraising dashboard, committees can comprehensively manage their entire fundraising program with at-a-glance graphs on the Fundraising Dashboard that capture top-line fundraising data. This section also makes it easy to drill down into specific data with clickable graphs for totals raised by cycle-to-date, program, or payment type.

At-a-Glance Data Insights

With the cards on the Fundraising Dashboard, Crimson users can track all-time donor totals, total gifts, and pull a list of donors needing to be thanked. Crimson also highlights metrics for the top 5 fundraisers, source codes, cities, counties, ZIP codes, and congressional districts. From the Fundraising Dashboard, it is also easy to access the most frequently used fundraising reports, including:

  • Deposit Summary by Program
  • Package Receipts by Date Report
  • Thank You Status Report
  • New Donors added by Month
  • Income by Program
  • Gifts & Pledges by Date

Manage Events

Track and manage all the important fundraising control points for your events:

  • Set fundraising goals, track donations, pledges, and event costs
  • Integrate event data with Anedot, WinRed, Mail Chimp, and Constant Contact.
  • Identify donors who are in proximity to events
  • Monitor who is attending multi-function events and special requirements
  • Attach documents and emails to any attendee record with Crimson’s file cabinet function
  • Process donations

Integrate with Email Platforms

Crimson easily integrates with both MailChimp and Constant Contact through a few clicks of your mouse.

This integration authorizes Crimson to push a list of email subscribers to either Constant Contact or MailChimp using the robust People Search segmentation filters available.


Integrate Online Donations

Connect Crimson with online donation data through an integration with Anedot and custom import tool for WinRed.